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The BSANA Membership Form is e-mailed out annually to the current membership in December in addition to being available to download at all times on this website. All persons giving papers at the Byzantine Studies Conference must be members in good standing of BSANA at the time that the paper proposal is submitted. Individuals or institutions who wish to join BSANA may do so at any time by paying for membership online. Please see the PayPal menu on the Membership Dues page for the categories of membership. If you have any questions or difficulties, please write to

To confirm membership, please email

To receive news and announcements from BSANA, sign up to the BSANA listserv hosted by Yahoo Groups!

There are two ways to sign up:

  1. For email messages only, send a blank email message to You will receive a confirmation email to which you need to "reply" to activate you membership in the listserv.  


  2. Go to the BSANA group on Yahoo and click "Join this Group!", then follow the instructions on the screen either to sign in with a Yahoo account (which will give you access to listserv archives and the ability to change your preferences) or to join the mailing list only.

Announcements for the listserv may be sent to the Secretary via

The BSANA listserv exists to inform the Byzantine studies community of academic news and opportunities in the field. Such bulletins include the announcement of calls for papers, job listings, fellowships, exhibitions of Byzantine art, colloquia and symposia, obituaries of prominent Byzantinists, and other matters of academic interest. The listserv is expressly not intended for the dissemination of advertisements of a commercial nature, even if they relate to the field. The Secretary will have discretion in determining what is appropriate material for the listserv. 
[Resolved by the BSANA Governing Board, Thursday, November 6, 2014]

The BSANA Facebook Page is similarly intended to inform the community of scholarly news and opportunities, including those, such as the announcement of newly published books, that might be considered as having a commercial aspect. Friends of the BSANA Facebook Page may also post there, although the Governing Board and its representatives reserve the right to remove posts that are irrelevant or disruptive.
[Resolved by the BSANA Governing Board, Thursday, November 6, 2014]

Note: in order to receive messages from the listserv in your inbox once you subscribe, you may need to adjust your email program's settings to make sure that messages sent from and are recognized as *not* spam.