Byzantine Studies Association of North America
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Join the BSANA listserv

To receive news and announcements from BSANA, sign up to the BSANA listserv hosted by Yahoo Groups!

There are two ways to sign up:

  1. For email messages only, send a blank email message to You will receive a confirmation email to which you need to "reply" to activate your membership in the listserv.  


  2. Go to the BSANA group on Yahoo and click "Join this Group!", then follow the instructions on the screen either to sign in with a Yahoo account (which will give you access to listserv archives and the ability to change your preferences) or to join the mailing list only.

Note: in order to receive messages from the listserv in your inbox once you subscribe, you may need to adjust your email program's settings to make sure that messages sent from and are recognized as *not* spam.